Blessings Always

Identity Design System, Product Design, Packaging, Marketing Collateral, Product Launch, Brand Positioning

Earthy herbal products care about you, so Blessings Always and we care about their branding and product packaging design.

India is known for its spiritual beliefs. Blessing Always is the word derived from the most famous spiritual and leadership Guru Blessing Always. One of his believers decided the dedicate the brand name to Guru Ji.

What We Delivered

Dezmark team come up with the best logo and symbol design possibility to the client. After delivering the Identity Design System to the client, we move forward with the product packaging design and marketing collaterals.

Every human being is different from its thoughts, his action & his aspiration. At Dezmark Branding and Product Packaging Design Agency, Delhi, we believe in bringing the ideas and imagination to the real world. Our pool of expert designers and copywriters worked closely with clients and understood the nuances of client requirements.

Blessing Always a natural and herbal care product range that should stand out from the others in the market. The unique soft colour tone of packaging background and the bold colour scheme of logo design makes the design combination amazing to capture the eyeballs in the market.

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