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Jaggic is a jaggery based candies and shakkar manufacturer and Dezmark makes the brand stand out in retail shelf with their Organic FMCG product packaging & identity design services.

Sugar boiled candies have been ruling the industry for ages, in the world full of sugar boiled candies can be replaced with Jaggery Candy. Yes, you heard it right, now you can take the benefits of jaggery in the form of flavourful jaggery candy.

What we delivered

Being it was first of its kind of product in the market, Jaggic picked the Dezmark because of the robust experience in unique FMCG Product Packaging & creative design agency in India for their product launch, identity design and product packaging design. Dezmark always designs to keep in mind the consumer behaviours and end-user. Jaggic being an FMCG brand required the top priority and assistant to groom into the market.

Jaggic was seeking for an identity design & product packaging design, which can help to outset its competition from the market and create its self-identity in this segment. We have gone beyond the client expectation & desire, and this time we did not design the nomenclature for packaging. With the help of artists, we develop product packaging theme with beautiful sugarcane fields painting. 

Have you ever heard of any brand name which produces Jaggery Powder (a natural sources of sugar) as a product in the market? Jaggic came up with another product name Jaggic Jaggery Powder "Shakkar", and we suggested to follow the same product packaging design theme. 

Product quality speaks itself, so does our incredible Packaging Designs too. 

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