Product and Structural Packaging Design

Allied Health Sciences is an established company in medical industry and Dezmark helped them with premium product packaging creatives.

The pharma and medical devices industries are the most crucial industry around the globe. Both the pharma and medical device plays a vital role to help the patient and predict the disease. The Marcom & product structural packaging design of pharma and medical device companies are most of the subtle and simple as per the brand guidelines. Hemosmart, a Hemoglobin measurement device, was handed over to us for the recreation of the packaging design.

What We Delivered

No more boring packaging design for your medical devices, keep your brand identity & colour scheme intact was the message we have communicated with the HemoSmart Structural Packaging Design. As per the client's brief design should be minimalist. Dezmark best product and structural packaging design agency justify the brief with the final output. The final packaging design which came out was one of the most amazing, simple and minimalist design. Last moment UV embellishment idea was like a cherry on the cake in the packaging. To identify the best solution for your health in the market. The product packaging design and message must be visible.

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