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LYNX provides World Class sustainable packaging solutions to businesses all over the world and Dezmark, a Branding Agency in Delhi NCR reformed their identity.

With sustainability at the core of all their solutions, they help brands switch to eco-friendly practices for a healthier image in this environmentally conscious age. Their tagline ‘Add More’ is based on their philosophy to offer environmentally friendly solutions and add more value to nature.

What We Delivered 

While LYNX was already an established name in the Apparel Labeling and Packaging industry, it barely had any digital presence, let alone a digital marketing strategy. The challenge as a branding agency in Delhi NCR was to create and curate a digital identity that would complement the brand and build an organic presence online for better engagement. 

After closely examining LYNX, its essence and potential, and a thorough discussion with their board of directors, we finalised a set of steps that’d be essential to create their digital identity. Foremost was redesigning their logo, creating a website that conveyed their services and values effectively, after which came the gradual move to social media marketing.

The plan was simple, yet the task it brought us required a patient and proper execution. After months of work, the results matched the vision. With a rebranded logo design, a thorough and insightful website, and interactions over multiple social media platforms, LYNX shares a prominent presence online. Aided by practices such as SEO, SMO, digital communication, and social media interactions, its engagement with potential clients has seen a new wave that continues to grow. Our part as a branding agency in Delhi is to help our clients increase their connectivity and help them rise and rise creatively.

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