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J-pure is a well know brand in north India for their aromatic spices and Dezmark, a creative design agency in Delhi, India did branding and web design & development.

J pure one of the most significant spice and food manufacturer in north India was planning to revamp the brand with a new brand identity design, product packaging design and website design and development for its whole and blended spices.

What We Delivered

The brand positioning 'Ab har ghar pure' ties the product and represents a line of delicious products made with the purest and simplest of ingredients. Dezmark creative team research and embed the culture of Rajasthan in the Packaging to attract the more & more regional consumer with the help of Rich Rajasthan culture. When it comes to brand identity, product packaging design, it's always the most innovative and exciting work for dezmark communications designers.

Traditional motif developed to show the richness and legacy of Rajasthan culture on the spices outer box packaging design. Motifs and colours reflect the colourful and blended culture and taste of this place. Multiple colourful packaging adaptation made to create the whole Product line for general trade and modern trade. A modern look & user experience has given to the old website design and development projected to enhance the buying experience of the consumers without any hassle.

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