Re-branding, Brand Guidelines / Manual Development, Tone of Voice, Packaging, Digital Marketing Creatives.

Kleanup is a home known cleaning tools brand and Dezmark, Branding Agency in Delhi NCR did the re-branding and packaging design.

Kleanup is one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of cleaning tools in India, and approached us to re-brand their entire branding and tone of voice.

What we delivered

The project was worked on with much passion, and we created a compelling re-branding with their recognition plan supported by outstanding packaging design. Our team brilliantly captures the innovative and unique nature of the brand with vibrant visual cues and effective communication crafted to appeal to the health-conscious younger demographic.

Dezmark branding agency designed a brand identity with modern visual appeal. Kleanup products belong to the household demographic, so we keep it in mind and give the brand a women mascot with sparkling stars. To keep visual appeal consistency, we created a complete branding and packaging brand guidelines. The vibrant, informative, and premium product packaging conceives an enthusiastic visual appeal.

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